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New "Rosa Eterna" Design + The Return of an Old Favorite

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Today at, I launched my newest design, "Rosa Eterna." It comes in black and gold as a pin set, or singular in black and red.

The pin set in particular is very special to me because I've always wanted to create two pins that mirror each other. I love this look as a way to add symmetrical flair to an outfit. While I've mostly been wearing my set as collar pins, I'm looking forward to seeing other people find creative ways to rock the twin roses.

Today I also brought back the previously sold out "Morrissey Lyrics" pin. Over the last few months, I have been pleasantly surprised by all the emails I've received asking to bring it back. Then again, as a hardcore Morrissey fan myself, I am not surprised at all!

Lastly, and also by popular request, I made a red version of the Coeur Noir (Black Heart) design. I am calling it Coeur Rouge of course!

Find these and the rest of my designs now at


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