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The Crybaby Pinventory Giveaway

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The Crybaby Club is an amazing online community and webshop that is all about embracing your emotions and not feeling alone as you navigate the tumultuous world of adulthood. On top of being super supportive and all-inclusive, they do an amazing job of promoting other women designers, makers, illustrators and the like. I was honored when they reached out to me to ask if I wanted to donate one of my pins to a giveaway they were hosting. It's a huge giveaway (you can win a total of 9 pins!) and it's going on until this Friday. Checkout out their website or instagram to find out how to enter!


1. Life Wife Press//2. Shim Sham Shop//3. Rose Pink Moon//4. Happy Supply Company //5. Life Club//6.wwwhiteyy//7. Bean It//8. Handy Studio//9.Stodium

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