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Commando Grooming Balm


Brooklyn Grooming's supremely hydrating fragrance-free Comando Grooming Balm is a concentrated blend of highly nutritive and reparative organic plant oils and butters. A multipurpose superstar, you can use it to tame and smooth flyaways, condition and heal dry skin, and even relieve beardruff. Made with non synthetic, organic and plant based ingredients. Unscented. 2 oz.

About Brooklyn Grooming

Brooklyn Grooming represents the creative energy and heritage of New York’s most dynamic borough. As early pioneers of the natural and organic skincare movement, we’ve been handcrafting grooming and personal care products that are beloved by men and women all over the world. Our philosophy each Brooklyn Grooming product is designed to do two things: provide high-level performance and results safely and naturally, and transport the wearer through thoughtfully crafted scents.