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Rare Light Crème Luminizer (5 Shades)

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Rare Light Crème Luminizer: Inspired by extraordinary light phenomena, each shade imparts an ethereal glow—with a highlight that subtly shifts and transforms to reveal a remarkable depth of color.


Choose from five shades:

Ghost Light: This opalescent white cream highlighter illuminates with a cool-toned pale pink and a shift of violet-blue. Swipe this pale pink highlighter across eyelids, lips, cheekbones, and much more for an intense glow.*

Anthelion: This striking gold nude luminizer shifts with a subtle red-orange highlight, glowing warm like a ray of sunlight.*

Solaris: With ethereal translucence on the skin and an intense iridescent color shift, this peach luminizer creates a truly striking lit-from-within look in an impossibly beautiful nude highlighter shade.*

Phosphene: This radiant neutral highlighter imparts a soft, pale beige glow with a hint of peachy-blush shift.*

Icebow: Icebow creates your perfect dewy glow, morphing to reveal its depths for your unique complexion—as if it were created just for your skin. On all complexions, it wears as a beautifully natural, diffused and lit-from-within glow.  


Net wt. 0.2 oz / 5.6 g 


About Rituel de Fille

The embodiment of three sisters’ combined creative flair and faith in cosmetics’ capacity to transform and empower, Rituel de Fille stars bold pigments and only the finest, all-natural (cruelty free!) ingredients, which have been used for centuries in beauty, art and ceremony. Warpaint for modern men and women, creators Caroline, Michelle and Katherine use only essential, pure seed oils and the most intense colours to create a spectrum of daring (and different) make up formulations. Inspired by iconic women throughout history, this exquisite collection inspires experimentation with breath-taking pigments for lips, cheeks and eyelids. Consider this the perfect way to make a make up statement.


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