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Propagation Vase


Single Propagation Vase by June & December.

Grow and expand your plant collection by propagating your plant pretties, turn it into tiny terrarium, or encapsulate and display your nature finds with our propagation vase. Made individually by hand from reclaimed Michigan hardwood, each piece is unique and varies in character, color and finish. We're especially smitten with the unique character found in each piece, knots included.  

- Wood Base is 3” x 3” x 3”, size may vary slightly

- Handmade from reclaimed, Michigan hardwood

- Character, finish + color varies

- One 8"x1" glass vase + cork included



About June & December

Katie and Nick Forte founded June & December in 2014 with an adventurous spirit and the idea that the most memorable gifts have a meaningful story to tell. Named after the months their children were born, Katie and Nick believe we are all storytellers at heart, and strive to have their products do the talking. Let their products remind you of a recent adventure, a memorable dinner, or a fond childhood memory as we celebrate the many ways nature brings us together. 


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