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Time Tilt Pen

The Time Tilt Pen by Lorelumin.
A solid brass pen made to live on through the years.
The Time Tilt Story: The ink in this time tilt pen is made from a region rumored to produce a unique type of ink that incrementally speeds up or slows down time as the pen is used. Its a toss-up as to which manipulation of time you end up with each use of your time tilt pen. With that in mind, we hope this pen serves your struggles with speed and your joys with a pause.
Heavy brass plated casing
Comes with 1 M&G 007 0.5 ballpoint refill

About Lorelumin

Lorelumin is the first fantastical lifestyle brand. We weave art, fantasy, and philosophy into our products to help you get your sense of wonder back. Utilizing the power of story, our products inspire and empower people to dream, live with purpose, and do good work.