We create stationery and lifestyle goods to celebrate science and inspire discovery with respect for the sustainability of our planet.
We know that it’s your hard work and strokes of genius that push humanity forward, and we build the tools to fuel your brightest ideas.
We appreciate that it isn't always glamorous and that breakthroughs are a lot harder than in the movies. We know how it feels to basically never feel like a superhero, especially when it seems like the answers are anywhere but in your data. We also know that for every failed experiment, late-night, and cold cup of coffee, you're helping light the way toward progress, and it's because of you that each day is a little brighter than the day before.
We make stationery and lifestyle goods to inspire you in your work and all along your journey, so you can find answers to important questions, and solutions to complex problems.
We are Cognitive Surplus.
• We have been certified for our sustainability practices at the highest level by the city of Portland.
• We offset the entire carbon footprint of our company's energy usage, shipping of our products and, business travel and employee commutes through a partnership with CarbonFund.org.
• We integrate individuals with disabilities into our workplace through a partnership with the Youth Transition Program.