Rose Pink Moon is a lifestyle boutique that offers distinctive gifts, jewelry, home decor, stationery and other curiosities for the dark at heart.

Origin Story

Lola Isabel is a Mexican American designer and illustrator who spends her time tending to her house plants, sketching in her journal and blurring the line between her dreams and memories. In 2015, Lola created Rose Pink Moon as a way to explore shadow work through creative expression, creating visual stories and wearable curiosities based on illustrations of her own design.

Today, Rose Pink Moon is a full retail shop carrying over 15 indie brands helmed by artisans and creatives who embody the ethos of Rose Pink Moon: the balance of dark and light, life and death, and an appreciation of all that is strange and wondrous in our natural world. We are proud to support the artists we work with and feel honored to be able to offer their products in our shop. 




Rose Pink Moon is proud to carry high-quality products from small businesses that share in our core values. At Rose Pink Moon, we curate brands based on their dedication to being eco-friendly, size inclusive, organic, made in the USA, small batch or handmade.