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Nörrsyne Notebook


The Nörrsyne Notebook by Lorelumin.

Pocket notebooks worthy of your most creative ideas. Sold in sets of 3.

When processed into paper, the nörrsyne tree's curious properties create a sort of “memory paper" that can act as a sort of personal passport. When these pages come into contact with lead or ink, they take in subtle date (including context, content, and location), recording and confirming your writings or sketches to others you meet in the field.

60 toned kraft pages

Foil stamped cover 

About Lorelumin

Lorelumin is the first fantastical lifestyle brand. We weave art, fantasy, and philosophy into our products to help you get your sense of wonder back. Utilizing the power of story, our products inspire and empower people to dream, live with purpose, and do good work.